Benefits of using StreamEye

  • Take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level by automating your ad generation.
  • Generate animated ads through the integration of your own (or third-party) content feed.
  • Increase your ROI via targeted campaigns with less production time and lower acquisition costs.
  • Streamline your advertising processes across digital channels, markets and formats.
  • Customised UI to your business needs and requirements.


Custom-built templates enable rapid generation of your own ads – in multiple sizes and formats. StreamEye will design a custom UI for your team to deliver engaging banner ads within a matter of minutes.

The digital banner templates allow our clients to:

  • Produce HTML5 and GIF animations within minutes. 
  • Tailor campaigns to their communication needs and target audiences.
  • Customise designs with a few clicks.
  • Integrate your own (or third-party) APIs to enable automated ad updates.
  • Use galleries to change assets in ads.
  • Rapidly iterate new offer messages.

How to use StreamEye Templates?

  • Define your online campaign goals.
  • Brief the StreamEye team on your required presets and we’ll build and tailor your ad templates. 
  • Easily change backgrounds, texts, transitions and formats.
  • Export or update your animated ads in minutes.


Streameye Builders is a limitless playground to build static online banners for successful ad campaigns, especially for social media campaigns that heavily rely on solid ads. StreamEye builders allow you to fully control how your ads are created or modified. 

The static ad banner builders allow our clients to:

  • Edit and export email, social or on-site images via an interactive UI.
  • Generate persistent permalinks to images which are always current.
  • Enjoy a custom UI for each specific ad campaign. 
  • Stay on brand via your own banner builder UI (where certain edits are locked by the client’s brand).
  • Rapidly iterate new offer messages.

How to use StreamEye Builders:

  • Define your online campaign goals.
  • Brief the StreamEye team on your required functionalities and receive custom-made builders. 
  • Change backgrounds, texts and assets through interactive custom builders.
  • Export your ads – or update generated permalinks – within minutes.


The Streameye asset galleries are image galleries maintained by your in-house creative team or partner agency. They includes and categorises all the imagery used in your ads. Your StreamEye galleries not only streamline your workflow, but they also allow your in-house creative team to manage banner assets more efficiently.

The StreamEye Gallery allows clients to:

  • Upload and manage banner assets through an intuitive interface. 
  • Reuse asset galleries in different banner templates and builders.
  • Choose between creating the assets yourself or letting the StreamEye design team deploy them in your galleries.
  • Upload and edit assets through the automatic fit-and-crop tool. 
  • Organise gallery assets by easily-searchable keywords and categories.

How to use StreamEye Gallery:

  • Upload images through an intuitive interface.
  • Select categories and add searchable keywords.
  • StreamEye Gallery ensures to deliver the latest imagery for your ads.
StreamEye Galleries


The Campaigns module allows you to replace any StreamEye-generated HTML5 banner in an existing and trafficked placement – all through StreamEye – in a matter of minutes. Once you set and publish a placement, you’ll have complete control over what ad is loaded from within StreamEye. This is a major time saver if you operate numerous placements (even through different publishers).

StreamEye Campaigns allow clients to:

  • Create placements that wrap ads with unique placement tags. This makes it possible to change a live campaign on the fly without needing to republish it.
  • Group placements in logical campaigns.
  • Run a campaign indefinitely (e.g. a whole season or year) replacing content as you see fit – all without needing to export and traffic placements again.

How do I use Campaigns?

  • Create a new “Campaign”
  • Create a new placement simply by dropping a feed.
  • To replace live content, drag and drop feeds with matching banner sizes into your existing placements.
  • Preview, save and export your placement tags.

Curious about our add-on features?

In addition to the core functions, StreamEye optimises your production process through a series of enterprise features:

  • Single Sign On
  • Approval Process Implementation
  • Teams and Roles
  • Single Entry Point Localisation
  • Image Permalinks

Ask us how these features can help you produce digital assets with ease, efficiency and on a massive scale.